Cambodia, 1996: For several years beginning in 1992, Maha Ghosananda, Buddhist patriarch of Cambodia, led Cambodian monks and nuns on peace walks into heavily-mined combat zones — sometimes directly into the line of fire — to obtain cease-fire agreements between insurgent remnants of the Khmer Rouge and Cambodian government troops. He called these walks Dhammayietra: Pilgrimage of Truth (story below). [© 1996]


Oberlin in the 1960s


The Healing Heart

Village in the Pyrenees

Basques in the West


Hospital Wedding

Two stories that share a common theme: being present at life's most important moments: Above, Debbie Nelson and her daughter Melissa Holmes pose for a photo together after Melissa's wedding to Bryan Rowin. St. Mary's Hospital staff organized the ceremony in less than 30 hours to fulfill Debbie's wish to be present for her daughter's wedding. (See "Hospital Wedding" above.) Another story tells about life-saving cardiac surgery that took place in the same hospital, making it possible for Mary Jean McGrath to attend her granddaughter's wedding. (See "The Healing Heart" above)